What We Do

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What Works Coaching provides powerful outside perspective for individuals and businesses.

We do this through our three divisions: Talent Recruitment and Career Services, Business Coaching Services, and Creative Services.

Each branch serves a unique need.

Talent Recruitment and Career Services helps companies find talent through our proprietary 360-degree vetting process. We match skills, working style, cultural fit, and goals of candidates with position requirements as well as your company’s mission, vision, and objectives. Career services polishes candidates through career coaching, resume creation, and cover letter writing.

Business Coaching Services assure leaders get the personal and team accountability they need to succeed. All of our business coaching programs are customized to address specific business challenges. You won’t find a cookie cutter approach here!

Finally, Creative Services brings it home. We help companies express their brand identity through creative marketing communications, content marketing campaigns, and integrated marketing communications planning.

We love our business because we have been able to help clients from the moment they begin their job search, through the challenges they face as leaders, and provide a reliable resource to help them communicate to their teams and the public.

We are called What Works Coaching because we do what works for you!

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