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What Works Coaching helps answer a wide variety of business strategy, marketing communication and business mindset questions for clients. We coach in Law of Attraction, building strong business foundations, business planning, communication strategies and team building. We help our clients build the right teams and show them what to do and how to fish so they can eat for life. Anyone can write a business plan for you or do your ad campaign. We use 18+ years experience of doing to SHOW YOU HOW TO DO. That way, you’ll stop asking the same questions over and over again and earn more by doing What Works.

We work with individuals, businesses, large and small organizations, and non-profits to proactively solve problems and help them move forward. It’s amazing what a little outside insight can accomplish!


Diane Dye Hansen Chief Inspiration Officer What Works Coaching

Diane Dye Hansen –    Chief Inspiration Officer What Works Coaching

Diane Dye Hansen is the Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching, a coaching firm that has helped people worldwide with their businesses, careers, mindsets, and profit margins. She brings to her clients 20 years of experience with clients ranging from top corporations, to motivated entrepreneurs and individuals hungry for a fresh start. Her experience spans a diverse blend of industries, including: health care, publishing, media, entertainment, food and beverage, fashion, cosmetics, internet marketing, civic leadership and government. She serves on a number of boards in Carson City, Nevada and stays involved in community revitalization. Never one to abandon her creative side, you’ll also find her on acting on stage in both Carson City in Reno. She encourages her clients to set goals to live full and successful lives.

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