Talent Recruitment

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Let us recruit members of your team to create chemistry for your business.

Let us recruit talent for your team to create chemistry for your business.

The Talent Recruitment division of What Works Coaching is more than a head hunter. We specialize in recruiting talent through our proprietary 360-degree process. This process of vetting and selecting talent measures the applicant’s fit through four dimensions of job compatibility.

Visit the What Works Recruitment site for details.

Our 360-degree process includes two-way analysis of four key components.

Skill Set

As a recruiter, we look at our applicants closely to assure their skill sets match what hiring managers need. We network with top universities, trade associations, and networking groups to cast our net as wide as possible. Your candidate does exist! Let us find them for you.

Working Style

We interview each applicant to assure a fit in skill set as well as working style. Your recruiter will look at the ability to lead, collaborate, self-manage, and preferred working environment to align with your current team.


We consider your company culture and our applicants’ personalities to deliver employees capable of growing within your company. Answer a few questions and our recruiter will match employees who align with your mission, vision, and company values.


We understand employees deliver against company objectives. If you are building a team to reach a goal, What Works Coaching can help. Contact us for a free consultation.

Applicants – Email us your resume and a cover letter explaining what you do, how you like to work, your ideal company culture, and how your working goals align with your personal goals.

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