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Independent Study Kits are created for every group coaching class we do. We enjoy hearing the success stories from our independent study clients and can’t wait to hear yours.  If you choose to share this kit, be sure to contact us. You will get CASH for anyone you share with who becomes a What Works client. (Even if they opt for a coaching session on the kit you just gave them!)

Independent Study Kits for any course are only $29. (Plus, you’ll receive 30% off an hour of private phone coaching)

    • Learn at your own pace without attending live or online classes
    • Worksheets and a manual help you make real progress
    • Includes one quick question to a What Works Coach

This course is $200 per person when taught live in a group setting and $1,000 if taught privately. You are getting it today for ONLY $29!

Now available: Mindset 101

Sometimes all we need is a personal cheerleader. However, when no one is around to cheer us on we need to know how to wave our own pom poms and manifest success. Mindset Boost is a four-week course on how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you want.

Mindset Reset

We’ll identify your personal negativity triggers, show you how those triggers change the way you behave and then teach you how to reverse those triggers into positive reinforcements.

Goal and Dream Setting

Dreams and goals are two different things and we’ll teach you the difference. Then, we’ll show you a process you can use to meet but exceed your goals.

Manifestation Techniques

Affirmations, the Law of Attraction, Ways to De-stress for Success, Visioning, Vision Boards and more, we take your goals and dreams and put them in a format where you can really put your energy behind them.

Create Your Vision Board, Goal Action Plan and Dream Plan

You will walk away from this class with a concrete understanding of your goals, dreams and how to manifest them. Create a goal plan for your three top annual goals and a vision board for you to focus on for the full year.

Get Your Mindset 101 Independent Study Kit Now for Just $29!

Mindset 101 IS Kit: Choose Your Package

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