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What Works Coaching provides business coaching services in a wide variety of industries. Check out our kudos.

“Simply put, Diane is awesome. Her positive and always proactive attitude does wonders to help get company and employees traveling in the right direction, together. She really “gets,” that the two are 100% integrated. But ultimately it’s her ability to really listen to our needs, quickly assess what is going on in the business and our own heads to then help build both in a healthy direction. No way Triporama would have had the early and now consistent growth online and as founders without the insights, tools, and attitude Diane brings rain or shine.”- Wendell W., Triporama.com

“Diane has been instrumental in putting my vision to work and making it a reality. She transformed our friendly, over coffee, hobby discussion into reality by hunting down all contacts and vendors, helping negotiate cost and contracts, ultimately handholding me through the entire process, seeing as that was what I needed. For someone like me, who was and still is new to marketing my own product, I found Diane’s help to be invaluable. I consider Diane a very trusted source to turn to for any of my future business needs, even if its out of her field of expertise. I trust Diane to get me in touch with the right people who will get the job done well, efficiently, with a high level of integrity.” Yuliana, YulianaG.com

“Beyond bringing a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience to our small company, Diane brought an energy and enthusiasm to every project on which she worked. Diane gave her all. She executed our marketing strategy to perfection, plus offering constructive suggestions, initiating marketing partnerships and making course corrections as necessary. Her combination of experience, know-how, creativity and flexibility were invaluable to a firm like ours.” – Travis, Story Films

““Diane combines enthusiasm, creativity, energy and a business savvy that makes her a true professional and pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the retail marketplace, licensing industry, toy industry, hobby industry and sales and marketing interests means things get done quickly and get done right. I would recommend Diane to anyone that likes working with smart, personable people.” – Shin U., Synch Beatz Entertainment

“I have one of the strangest businesses to have plus I’m a picky control freak Virgo whose defensive and knows it all and whiney. She (Diane from What Works Coaching) gracefully put up with me, understood me, was empathic and real. I had always avoid business coaching thinking it was too cheesy. No, it was worth it. Please give it a shot. No matter how small you think you are or how complicated or controlling or bitchy, you don’t know everything. Give her a shot.” – Jessa, The Real Witches