Online Group Coaching

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Online group coaching is a great way to virtually meet other entrepreneurs, seekers and people who (like you) are looking to learn. Often, group members break off into their own mastermind groups and share the results of their coaching. All coaching clients will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can mix, mingle and develop your own networks. Below are the programs we are filling now.

What Works Boost Programs are $50 per week per participant and are held on the evenings and weekends (so you can conduct business during the day). All Boost sessions are web-based, recorded for later viewing and all participants will receive manuals prior to the start of the class. The classes have a minimum enrollment of 4 to start and a maximum enrollment of 20.

Workshops are scheduled for the mutual convenience of each individual class group. You will be sent a Doodle request with a selection of days and times.

4-Week Workshops

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