Core Values – Why Work With Us

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What Works Coaching helps individuals and companies in crisis or transition discover opportunity and take action to create results.

We operate based on core values which provide a compass for our team and act as a lighthouse for our clients.


  • Passionate: We are passionate about what we do and why we do it.
  • Enthusiastic: We radiate enthusiasm. Our clients love our energy and they love to work with us because of it.
  • Proactive: If we see something that needs to be handled, we do so proactively. We openly and freely exchange ideas.
  • Original: We come up with original processes and utilize those versus someone else’s cookie cutter. We treat every client as the individual they are.
  • Empathetic: We put ourselves in our clients shoes and offer solutions with compassion.
  • Supportive: We are our clients biggest cheerleaders and supporters. We support each other the same way.
  • Responsible: Civic and social responsibility and responsible client service is at the core of all we do. We always act with integrity.
  • Honest: Rigorous honesty, internally and with our clients, is our constant policy.

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