Business Coaching

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Hindsight is 20/20, but why wait for hindsight when you can get an outside facilitator to help your company or organization see over the mountain?

Is What Works Business Coaching right for you?

Here are some typical scenarios successful What Works Business Coaching clients bring to us.

Crisis, Challenge, or Transition

If you are facing a critical situation in your organization of any kind, we can help. We use Diane Dye Hansen’s Critical Opportunity Theory to help guide your organization through rocky times. Common situations include: employee morale issues, leadership issues, internal crisis, external crisis, succession planning, or communication challenges.

Ineffective Communication

Words have power. If your organization is communicating ineffectively to stakeholders, employees, or customers, this can impact your bottom line. Strategic communication plans help you look at the whole picture of how you are communicating, close gaps, and create better outcomes.

We offer:

  • Group Visioning and Mindset
  • Executive Skills Training
  • Specific Problem Intervention
  • Leadership Identification and Grooming
  • Annual and Quarterly Planning Facilitation
  • Team Dynamics Coaching
  • Roadblock Discovery and Clearing
  • Workgroup Facilitation
  • Customized Trainings

If your organization has a challenge, contact What Works to help you solve it.