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Diane helps Allyson, a career coaching client since 2015.

Diane helps Allyson, a career coaching client since 2015.

One on One (1:1) Career Coaching

The best way a professional career coach can help you is to give you personalized career coaching, not a cookie cutter solution they give everyone. What Works career coaching sessions are custom tailored to meet your needs, not someone else’s. What Works can provide career coaching services to you no matter where you live. Diane coaches over the phone, online via Skype, and has been known to travel to see clients as well.

Every career coaching client starts out with a 30-minute complimentary career coaching session. This assures Diane is the right career coach for you – and you are in the right phase of your life to get the most from career coaching. From there, you can schedule a private session via phone, Skype, or in-person (travel add-ons available).

Accountability Coaching

That’s right. We said accountability coaching. Accountability – the word many hate but can make a world of difference. Accountability coaching is offered as an option when one or more private career coaching sessions are purchased. Accountability coaching is offered via text and email as a support to our clients. Imagine, having a career coach you can reach out to five days a week for outside perspective and advice. We are your partners in success.

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Is What Works Career Coaching right for you?

Here are some typical scenarios successful What Works Career Coaching clients bring to us.

Survive a Layoff

Layoffs can be devastating. A career coach can help you rebound from a kick in the teeth and come out smiling. Our career coaching clients who have been laid off report they get hired faster, maintain or increase salary, and have the confidence to interview well. Hiring a professional career coach can make all the difference between laid off and laid out.

Execute a Career Change

Burn out is a real thing, but changing careers can be a scary idea. A career coach can help you recognize burn out and develop an exit plan from your job or career. Our career coaching clients have changed industries and found new specialties within their current area of expertise. Hiring a professional career coach can open up the world to new career possibilities. Dare we say it? We make career changes fun!

Gain Mid-Career Motivation

Mid-career slump can look an awful lot like burn out, but it’s not. If you are looking for a way to breathe life back into your current job, a career coach can help you do it. A professional career coach can assist you in gaining mid-career motivation. Our clients have risen to new levels within their chosen professions. Career coaching helps you plan your career path, stay on target with your goals, and deal with career mishaps which come up. Get promoted. Get a raise. Negotiate benefits or time off. Hiring a career coach can make the hours between 9 and 5 pass a lot faster.

Learn Interview Skills

No matter if you are new to the workforce or have been in it for years, interviews get stressful. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being prepared for an interview by a career coach. Interview preparation is done via Skype or in-person. This valuable, one on one career coaching session, will help you discover your interviewing style, gain interviewing advice, and give you so much more confidence than going in cold. Hire a career coach and you will feel the difference!

Refine Communication Skills and Leadership Skills

One of our clients got her company to pay for our career coaching services to help refine her communication skills and leadership skills. With only a month of career coaching and accountability coaching, her supervisors can see a clear difference. We hear this type of career coaching success story every day. Communication coaching and leadership coaching is a sub-set of our career coaching work. We teach practical strategies customized for daily use. Hire a career coach and take your skills to the next level.

Our clients are so happy with the professional career coaching services they receive from us, they often graduate to hire What Works Coaching for corporate consulting. It’s a huge testimonial to the difference we make in the life and business of each and every one of our career coaching clients.

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“My supervisor even said that she noticed a difference in me. She told me she thought she was talking to a different person and I told her that she was. I feel different in my responses to people and I am impressed and intrigued how fast I am noticing a turnaround.” – Julie M.

“From the first call with Diane, I have been getting value from our conversations. I look forward to what I am able to accomplish with the goals that we are working on!” – Dan W.

“Working with Diane has been life changing. She has help me make a career change from finance to marketing, and now I have a creative career that I love. I highly recommend her services. She has the ability to coach individuals on a level that exceeds expectations.” – Allyson L.

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