Accountability Coaching

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What does it mean to have accountability?

We all know what we should be doing. We make lists every day, don’t we? Well, what if those lists actually meant something? What if you could have a partner in your success, someone to bounce things off of, a coach who really cared versus someone who just followed a template? This is what our Accountability Coaching is all about. Accountability Coaching is only offered after we have worked together for at least an hour. After all, we have to have something to hold you accountable TO right?

If you need someone to help you be accountable, hold your feet to the fire, and help you get things done, this service might be for you. This service is not for people who won’t reach out or need to be poked to reach out. The most important part of a successful accountability partner is your ability to communicate when you need help. If you can do that, this service is an economical way to get the encouragement and support you need.

What Works Coaching specializes in providing accountability through text, email, and phone. We respond to texts within 24 hours and email within 48, excluding weekends and holidays. Our monthly package is only $499. You can start your service now by ordering through your personalized client portal.

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