4-Week Business Boost

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Start Up

If you been operating for less than five years, you are in start-up mode. Start-up workshops are mixes so new business owners can get insight from those who have been in their start-up a little longer and more seasoned start-up owners can plug into the early fire and passion that comes from new entrepreneurship. The curriculum for this class is as follows.

Week One: Building Your Idea and Creating New Ideas

What is your core idea? How do you build it to be a cash-generating enterprise? We’ll teach you how to come nurture your business idea and turn it into a real business versus a dream.

Week Two: Navigating the Must Dos and Nice to Dos (Prioritization and Start-Ups)

You have SO many ideas! But what do you do first? We’ll teach you about prioritization to help you avoid overwhelm from the start.

Week Three: Team Building (What Can You Do Versus Others)

Do you know how to project plan and allocate resources? In this section, we’ll teach you how to build a team and resource list and how you can utilize others to fill in the gaps as you start up.

Week Four: Tying it Together: What Works For Your Business

We’ll help you create a start up action plan that will get you through the first three months of activity. We will get you moving from the moment you get out of class.

Operating 5+ Years

Now that you’ve been in business for awhile, you may need a new set of tools to help you grow. This class can be taken as a part two to Start-Up or is great as a stand alone.

Week One: History Lesson – What Has Worked/What Hasn’t

Week Two: Profit and Loss Analysis

Week Three: Opportunities for Growth

Week Four: Tying it Together: Developing Your Action Plan for Growth

Workshops are scheduled for the mutual convenience of each individual class group. You will be sent a Doodle request with a selection of days and times.

4-Week Workshops

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